Tuesday, August 6, 2013

There and back again... by Bilbo Baggins

Psych, I wish I was as cool as Bilbo.

Anyways this is it, Aysia will be posting my letters to this blog. Hopefully she is consistent and doesn't use Delbert (what I call the fetus inside of her) as an excuse of why she can't... jk Ays I trust ya, maybe.

Okay I'm off to the Provo MTC, fingers crossed I get my visa soon!!! dearelder.com me people to help keep me sane while I am in the missionary prison! No, I promise I am excited to go serve and do some serious work!

God speed homies!!!

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  1. I love that you quoted Bilbo! Your pic on FB w/ DB made me so happy, keep 'em comin'!