Friday, September 27, 2013

Pics From Re-Assignment

Sendin love from the hood!

Oh my goodness I love my life!
I don't know why missionaries complain so much about how hard missions are. Sure it sucks waking up early every morning, not napping and being exhausted when you get home. But it just makes you sleep better and it's so much fun! I guess Garrison would complain because missions require you to talk to people and he doesn't know how to do that ;) haha jk jk but I seriously love it! And I love talking to everyone... people see your tag and automatically start confessing sins... great
So my comp, Sister Sumsion is way chill. She's from Utah and just a baller, we get along great.
I'M OPENING UP A NEW AREA! So this area has always been refferred to as the man-zone but we now have sisters in the branch, Bushwick english is SO excited. They are so great and I just love the members. Anywho, we are opening up this area so the work was slow the first few days because we knew absolutely no one but it has already picked up a ton!
I'm not going to tell you the specific areas i'm working in because dad will be on google maps and researching them tonight and might make me come home since he is scared of his own shadow...
I may or may not have taught a lesson in the apartment Jay-Z grew up in... just sayin.
I also may or may not be used to project housing/dry pee smell by now.
Oh you guys would seriously die, I am in the ghetto and absolutely love it. I do not feel like i'm in the U.S.
Is it bad that I will probably cry when my visa comes? Like I do not want to leave this place. People love God and Jesus here, so you mention that and they are your best friend!
So we don't get fed here, that sucks so lots of times we don't want to go all the way home just to eat so we just will skip meals sometimes... fingers crossed for losing weight. Don't worry I won't pull a Nate and starve myself haha
My mission pres, President Calderwood and his wife are the bomb. They are so chill. She grew up in Montrose and she has family that is from the Bluff/Blanding area from way back in the day when it was first settled, It wasn't a last name I recognized but he was a judge or something and his first name was George.
She is the coolest lady she was like, make lunch in the morning so you can eat in ten minutes and then take a 45 minute nap!  Haha we also don't have a time limit on e-mailing and Pres is way chill about music so we jam to Mumford and Sons, Imagine Dragons, Tangled soundtrack, anything that doesn't drive away the spirit. President Calderwood said he listened to Styx on his mish.
I could write a whole e-mail about the connections I have found here with Blanding. PS Dad how do I know the name Kyle Morrell? Who is that?
My comp's best friend is from Bicknell and so she has been there a lot and knows who Lance and Tyce are Sag... Small world.
So Pres is just a way smart guy... rumor is he's ridiculously wealthy, like even owns an amusement park? But that's just missionary gossip haha. Anyway like a year ago he implimented this open pool idea where all the missionaries work together a lot more and we have been crazy successful I guess. Now, more missions are starting to use the same plan he created.
There is an Elder Finlinson here from Delta who knows Denalli. He has got such a bad hick accent and has a lot of pride for Southern Utah so i'm trying to make it known we do not all sound like that!
K so I actually get to teach now and do something!!!
There is one girl, Saga (I know, I know) who is 18 and who has been being taught for a long time and hasn't progressed at all and hasn't come to church well I get along with her great and told her to get her butt to church because this week would be my first time here too and she actually came! During sacrament meeting she looked over and said she was emotional because she saw all these happy families and she wanted that. She had a huge change of heart last night and I think things are going to go very well with her.
I LOVE DOMINICANS! So everyone from my area is either black, dominican, from like the west indies and crazy places... no one is white haha. But Dominicans are seriously the bomb and they are so nice and chill, I am picking up on Spanish here already because everyone speaks it. I'm pleasantly surprised how much I can understand from Portugues. When I speak I just have to take things from English to Portugues and then to Spanish, so it's slow but coming along for sure even though i'm assigned english.
Best part about my mission: BERMUDA is in it! Except I can never be assigned there because I don't have my passport since it's wrapped up in visa crap... can I just tell them i'll stay here forever and get assigned to Bermuda?? I love it here.
Bermuda in our mish because JFK is the only airport that flies there and since JFK is in our boundaries... it's our mission!!
Cool story: So there is this recent convert who is awesome and I think is going to move to Utah soon to go to school and is thinking of going on a mission. Well he is totally solid. You would never guess but he used to be a hard core gang member. There are the Bloodes and Crypts and the Latin Kings. Well in the Latin Kings there is a king who is totally in charge and then a prince who is in charge of all the members 21 and younger. Well this guy who is such an awesome member now used to be the prince... I would have NEVER guessed when I met him. Isn't that so cool? Like such a life change. The elders became friends with him playing basketball one day with him. I guess there are a lot of people out to like kill him so I hope he gets to move to Utah.
Yes, I know all about the gangs now, don't worry though, we are safe and live in safe places?? No, its no different than DC. And we aren't allowed to be out on Halloween... gang initiation. I seriously love it here!
There is this Dominican fam who are all less active except the youngest daughter who is 16 and she is so strong and awesome. She totally holds her family together and has such a strong testimony like it is so humbling to talk to her and see her faith. She wants to go to college in Utah and is just gorgeous... Bronz?? Yeah I think so.
I have a lot of cool stories I could tell you know because we have found a lot of awesome people this week and started having a ton of success but... aint nobody got time for that.
Stetler said that they keep sisters in the nicer areas and give them the nicest apartments... FALSE! I just want you all to know that is 100% false and all the elders have sweet pads while I am living in the absolute ghetto. It's okay people have told me that Pres must already really like me and trust me to open up this area... but I think it's really just because I need to be humbled haha.
The branch is way cool... there are some very successful, wealthy people and then just straight out of the hood. They are all so open to new members... like the fellowshipping in this branch is so good. Those strong members, even though they are few are seriously just saints to this area to keep the church going.
K so the pics are from my first night here my comp took me out to the pier looking out to Manhattan while we drank Cherry Lime Rickys that are a Brooklyn original.
Oh it so helps that I like sports because I talk to everyone about the Nets, the Yankees, the Giants... it's so fun and then I just throw in something about the gospel and boom we get contact info. Friends first, investigators next, members last is my motto.
We take the Subway and bus everywhere, we get an ulimited pass which is nice. The Subway here is much harder to figure out than in DC, I still don't know where I'm going half the time.
Last thought... Jewish people are cray cray. There is such a strong Jewish community here and they hate us and say mean things and it's oh so funny... I'm also learning Jewish. They wear there "garments" and there hats and wigs and have their gnarly hair cuts and have like 80 billion kids... even more than mormons just thinking they are going to pop out Jesus here any second. Their baby's play out on the balconies by themselves. Like infants, not even walking yet and they just put them outside kind of caged in there and maybe I shouldn't say this and its offensive but it's freaking creepy walking down a street, looking up at a tall apartment building and just seeing baby's outside of windows 20 stories in the air. Freaking weird.
It was sad saying bye to my district, and everyone. Heather Bair got re-assigned to Las Vegas West... not sure if anyone lives there?
Well that's basically it. My new address is
85-69 60th Drive
Elmhurst, NY 11373
That's the mission office but they want all mail to go there and then they forward it to us. So the whole time i'm here that's where you will send it. Also, packages go there but they keep them until transfers so I will not get any package for like 5 more weeks if you send something. Ays will you update this on the blog? Thanks.
Sounds like Bry gets funnier and funnier. I only cried when I thought I wouldn't be able to talk to her. Other than that, i'll be honest, I don't really miss you guys.
Grams C hope your leg is okay and your feeling better... I miss eating all your food and watching tv with you... the time will fly though!
Well peace homies. Be good, I love you and God speed.
Sis Shum
PS the one pic is of me holding cheesecakes Creature sent that were so amazing and also notice my nice UVU shirt i'm wearing and the necklace she sent as well haha thank you and miss you tons!
Pictures from the week

 Saying bye to my poly friends... the one on the right is the one who calls me Indian girl
 Selfies in the window for dayzzz
 Sister Olanders friend send us shirts... don't judge my haggardness. 
 My two mission calls
 My cute fall package from Meg... well done on the caramel apple by the way!!! MMMMM
 Kristy and Donna thank you thank you! The treats are marvelous!!!
My re-assignment!!!

Brazilians Do Not Appreciate Sarcasm


Can you believe it? I am done with the MTC?! HOLLA! The time really has flown!

Kristy and Donna! Like seriously how kind are you to be thinking of me? The package made my day. Like Ons says you seriously want to cry when you get a package because it's like Christmas times ten... all the treats are AMAZING! I don't think you know this but I have always been obsessed with you caramel brownies! Also... peach bread... who knew?! Mom get the recipe!!!

Megan... oh my goodness I cannot tell you thank you enough for the package... leave it to you to put together the most creative cute thing in the world even though you are busy with school and dealing with Peyto ;) It's funny because Megan and Cortney in letters both said the hardest thing would be waking up in the morning... yeah I know they like to sleep in. I'll write you both when I know my new address!

Linds.. keep the updates coming.. I love them your life makes me feel like i'm not a robot and I love it! I will also write ya when I have my new address.

So yes, I have been re-assigned to New York, New York South and am absolutely stoked about it... I feel like it could not be more perfect for me. Don't worry Denalli I will be sending you lots of Yankee gear :)

It was cool to open at least one of my mission calls ;)

So my mission is all of Long Island and all of Staten Island so yeah I will be livin' the island life I guess.

Congrats to Dashelle and Baby Knox... glad everything went good, I would love a pic of the little boy!

Umm so Chaffetz is coming and staying with us? Ask him why he wouldn't give me the time of day when I was in DC? Yeah he should fee awkward...

You know how I contact him about possibly working for him this summer? Well his Chief of Staff NEVER would reply to me and then if I went to the office Jason would never talk to me either... i'm a constituent! Yeah i'm still a little bitter.

Dad, Ken is my age and I know him pretty well. I stayed at their house once with Cortney before Cierra's wedding remember?

So congrats to Natus for apparently ballin in his interviews... hopefully you get to stay in Utah with Delby and Bry.

So Boze and Asa are both out? That sucks good thing they both still have time left and it's not their senior year. Grams K told me once though my sophomore or junior year it doesn't matter if youre young or not not being able to play just sucks (i'm pretty sure she didn't say sucks though haha) so yeah either way I feel for them. 

Mom, Dad you two are the only people on the planet that would go out of town for your anniversary and not do a dang thing... you bore me even here haha.

Okay so let me just give a shout out for BYU beating Texas! I can only imagine Dal's reaction to that game... probably priceless. I was outside next to the MTC fence listening to the game... it was a priceless experience.

I love that Bry put me in timeout for hitting Sag and Ays... at least she knows who is the strongest... she sounds like she is getting funnier everyday. Her stories seriously crack me up. I love that she tells dad to shave... she is too smart!

Mom my vote for the kitchen is still tile so yeah I agree with Log. (Never thought I would say that)

So now a little about my week: First of all I learned that Brazilians don't understand sarcasm and find it as absolutely hilarious as I do...

I was in a lesson with one of our "investigators" and we were teaching him about baptism and why it is so important to be baptized into our church and try to convince him. He told us he had already been baptized into two different churches. 

Me being the funny person I am said in my broken Portutues... Well obviously you have no problem being baptized into churches so why not into ours?! 

Funny right? Yeah, he then went into a whole serious response and it was awkward.

Alright so every Sunday we all have to prepare a 3 minute talk in Portugues on a specific topic. You don't know who is speaking until right before. Well President Laney, who is the bomb diggidy by the way and a member of the seventy. The man is literally walking scriptures, he can quote EVERY verse I swear.

Well he gets up and looks at his paper and says, well I am going to chose someone different then we had originally decided and says, "Sister Shumway"... joy.

The topic was the Book of Mormon or O Livro de Mormon. I hardly used any notes and took up the whole time! It was easier I felt because of the topic, I shared how much gaining a testimony of the book has helped my life and there is an answer in there to EVERY question. I basically just told a story. There is a lot more to the story but i'm just gong to share what I shared in church. 

So the second week I was in DC was hard, really hard. I opened up the BOM randomly to Mosiah 24 and 14-26 are legit and they really helped me. Well a few months later when I was still in DC and I had just found out that Gena had passed away I was there all alone, I didn't want to be there, I didn't know whether to head home or stay and I had just gotten this news so I was puking so much that blood was coming up. Because I don't know it was just hard being so far away at that time I guess, so my reaction was to throw up. The same scriptures really helped me that night, and made it so I wasn't just sick to my stomach anymore.

Yeah I said all that in Portugues... clutch right? Well the cool part is yet to come...

After Sacrament meeting one of the counselor wives came up to me and said, I don't know any Portugues but I understood every word. We lost a son very suddenly recently and your talk and those scriptures really helped me today. 

FOLLOW PROMPTINGS YOU GET! I did NOT want to share that story to strangers and especially in a different language but I felt like I should and I am SOOO glad!

This week in class we had a bunch of candy and there was an almond joy or mounds or something and I said I don't like coconut... well in class we have to say EVERYTHING in Portugues and my teacher just started laughing... Apparently coconut and poop are very similar... I mean VERY. Like it's Coco for coconut and Coco with an accent over the last o for poop. So i'm glad I don't like coconut!

Sister Clay got her visa and will be heading to Brasil on Monday. Was I excited for her? No I can't say that I was haha no I was a little jealous until I got my re-assignment and now I could care less!

So Tuesday night the devotional was here at the MTC and not at the Marriott center. They said some people from West Campus got to come up so I was bound and determined to find Logan. I figured if I stayed standing until the last possible second then he would see me and come find me... well it worked, even if I did embarrass my district. 

After the devotional he came and found me and it was so good to see him. Mom, he said the doughnuts were the bomb and he was really homesick at first but seeing someone from Blanding helped... that's whats up. 

The devotional itself was AMAZAZING! Yes, I meant to spell it like that. It was all about how much more effective we will be if we have members involved in the teaching process. The statistics are awesome for investigators who are taught in a members home. 

The whole time i've been at the MTC they have really emphasized the fact that we are set apart and we have the power to promise blessings and like receive inspiration. Well i'll be honest, I haven't felt that yet but at the devotional I did and it hit my like a train!

Mom, you have got to have a big family dinner and invite the Johnsons and the missionaries. If nothing else, to show Jace and Benny what I am doing. Like that was so clear and specific I am still in awe about it and I had the feeling that everything will be just fine. Or if Grandma K still has the missionaries over for Sunday dinner have the Johnsons come over then. Just something! I don't care if you don't send me another letter or package, do this for me.

A few weeks ago when I was in the temple a scripture came to mind. I convinced myself it was nothing and I had just thrown out random numbers basically. The thought just came kept coming back though so eventually I looked it up and it was EXACTLY what I needed to hear. 

Revelation is real and how many times do we tell ourselves a thought is just our own thought and not the H.G. I know I have done it countless times. How many times have I had thoughts to write someone a note, do something nice for someone or just whatever and haven't. Act on everything because you never know what affect you will have on the person.

There is a quote from Neil L. Maxwell that says something like, the star that shone when Christ was born was created and put into orbit ions before it actually was seen. God has things planned out to the most specific detail and we have to be willing to act on those little promptings because they are part of a bigger plan.

Go watch the mormon message Create. It's fantastic.

Funny quote this week, Elder Knowles-"At first I thought you were just lazy or didn't care because you were always falling asleep. Now I know you just have a problem" Haha Sag it's true there is something in our genes!

I will be sitting up, taking notes, totally focused and the next thing I know I am drooling!... it's a problem.

Yesterday I had in-field orientation it was long and kind of boring but I was laughing at one point and snorted... everyone turned and looked... awkward. I said it was my companion though so it's all good ;) 

Okay so my flight plans, I leave the MTC at 4:30 but my flight doesn't leave SLC until 8:30. With so many missionaries though i'm not sure I will be able to call from the airport or if I will even have time. My flight gets to Philly at 2:30 (so 12:30 your time) and my next flight leaves at 4 (2 your time). By the time I actually get off the plane, get to my next gate I bet they will be boarding already so I may have time to call and talk to Bry for a few minutes. I get to NY at 5:15 (3:15 your time). The Big Apple better be ready for me!!!

PS I'm flying U.S. ugh... The Frontier flight was all full... I am extremely sad about this. I hate U.S. 

Okay so I think that is everything. God Speed.

Be good, I love you all and good night. 

Sis. Shum 

Monday, September 9, 2013


 You all have no idea how excited I was

 My running mate ladies and gentleman... he said he will allow me to run with him because I will help get the female and minority vote haha!

 The two best things known to man... that's what's up.

 Thug life... thanks mom! The hats were a hit. My companheiras are in the middle and far right.

 Cortneys and the Shmeez's letters kept getting sent back... I promise I have written you!

 Guess what office I am in? I'm sure Logan, Stetler and many more know... haha no I was not in there for an injury. it was my roommate... chill mom :)

This is our grandma Judy who takes care of us at the doctors office... she's a gem.  

Okay so i'm not going to say much about this picture so my words can't be held against me ;) Just know that today was a pretty legit day! Arbys sauce for dayzzz

Retraction NOT Contraction

I swear I am not getting stupid in here... i could still beat logan in minesweeper or sodoku ;) he is now going to claim i never beat him in sodoku or we just never did it... lies. it was in the basement. 

So best dearelder to date... the one from Denalli! Of course it included his life sucking, football and getting drunk. SO entertaining! But Dal, my district discusses comic books all day long so I feel ya.

Alrighty so on Saturday I found out I had a bladder infection... score.

However, i had to go off campus to the doctor and to get a perscription. Oh my lanta it was like Christmas

Walking into that rite aid=best day of my life! I was free! I ran as fast as I could to go buy some pepsi... I was out of control! Jk #yourmissionarysgotclass

It was great though and I stalked up... my district says I have an addiction.

I could not have been more thrilled about getting a bladder infection if it meant getting some caffeine... I have not forgotten the traditions of my fathers. ehh? ;) Dad we both broke down and got ourselves some good stuff. 

Guess who was my driver to the doctors though? Jordan Grover. Blanding peeps everywhere. 

Depressed about missing BYU's first game... they would lose. Tomorrow I am going to go outside and see if I can hear the game on the speakers though haha

At lunch one day we were talking about weird names. Yeah I know what you are all thinking, I was telling all of our families name... false. I actually said one of the most unique names I have ever heard is Thunder (thinking of Johnny Slavens boys name). Sister Williams in my district says, there is a couple in Texas that adopted a little boy and named him Thunder. Okay what are the chances of two LDS couples in Texas adopting a boy and naming him Thunder? Nada.... yes they are one in the same and I think she is e-mailing him right now because he was her seminary or institute teacher. 

Everyone told me fast sundays are the worst here... well because of my medications I had to take food with the pills haha ahhhh yeahhh! 

I saw Kendra Parker here... also guess who else works here? Lauren Baxter! Yeah how could you miss her right? All 10 feet of her... Creature will know who she is. I'm surprised that chick isn't in the olympics yet.

This week we moved into a new classroom and got a new teacher. Its one the 5th floor... so i'm working off all those calories hiking up them all day long! From the window I can see the windmills at the mouth of the canyon... makes me sad. Seeing those windmills were always the bomb because it meant you were almost done with your trip. Well i'm almost done with my MTC journey and I can see the windmills! (Sounded more profound in my head ha)

I miss our old classroom and all our foreign friends. There was one elder from Tahitti... I don't even know how to spell that. Anywho he would call me "indian girl" but his english sucked so it sounded like "injin girl" and would always say, "hey injin girl go..." and do the OH sound and pat his mouth to make an indian sound... you all know what i'm talking about haha. It was the funniest thing every time he saw me because he was convinced I was an indian.

On Wednesday I was a host for the new missionaries. I saw the Andersons from Cello... and I must have been hosting when the Meyers came. Logan must be on west campus because 2/3 of the new missionaries got bussed over there. 

So I took one of my missionaries over to the bus because she had to go to west campus. Well it was all full but I didn't want her to have to wait like 20 minutes for the next so I got on and they told me it was full and I said, "She is just one tiny person!".... you all should be dying of laughter right now. 

Mom, I only told you that bump is there because when I first showed you and it had been there over a month and you insisted it was a zit. I only told you to prove that I was right that it wasn't. Anyway it doesn't hurt and doesn't affect me, not a big deal.

I play volleyball with one sister and two elders that all played college volleyball and new zealand missionaries that are probably even more legit... I feel like a fool playing with them but it's a party.

When I was hosting there was an elder who would tell each one of my missionaries not to trust me that I was crazy and I'm like I don't even know you! Well I actually said you don't even go here... which was much more hilarious. Anyway I started telling people that he has been breaking all these rules and whatnot... we pretty much were throwing each other under the bus and had no idea who each other were...

well he ended up becoming my little buddy... he is from South Africa dad and his dad owns a diamond mine... I make friends with the right people ;) He calls me hick girl #represent

The Krispy Kremes and Pepsi made my entire life mom! I didn't eat for like 4 days straight because my bladder infection pills made me muito sick so I actually lost a lot of weight and I weigh less now than when I entered... yes, many good things came from that infection haha

Something I realized about myself since being here is that I worry about people... A LOT. Like in high school I was always worried if all the cousins were drinking enough water during sports or if they had enough time to read to get AR points (which is why I took all their AR tests for them #truthiscomingout) I worry that everyone is liking school and doing okay. I worry about Bronz and his shoulder, Pots in Mexico. I worry that Barkley still doesn't know what an oven is. I worry that L'sha isn't too overwhelmed with her program. I worry that Delbert will grow up only eating hot dogs, french fries and toast and won't even put ketchup on the hot dog because Denalli is weird like that. I worry the Bry is only going to want white cake with pink frosting and be obsessed with food storage. I worry that she is only going to say swear words...

Okay let's be real... I hope she only says swear words because that would be HI-larious! Not missionary appropriate? Oh wells

I worry about my district if they are homesick or frustrated. Like I have discovered I am SUCH a worrier. I know Grandpa B said it doesn't do any good to worry about things but easier said than done! 

I was actually so worried about an elder in my district because he hadn't gotten a letter from home yet a little while ago so I wrote him a fake letter from his mom... It was CLEARLY a joke but when he got it he was SO excited! It was so funny.... I mean sad. 

An elder actually got mad at me and said it's against the rules to write a letter to an elder i am serving with... OH MY GOSH it's not like it was a love letter it was a joke that we read to everyone! CHILLAX people!

PS will someone please tell me how to spell vizjy? vischy? vijy? I don't know.... its a problem.

Everyone thinks i'm hawaiin up in hurrrr. IDK why.

Sunday, we watched the old Joseph Smith movie... I remember the first time I watched that was with Bertus and L'sha in St. George and Bert bawling. Well on Sunday I felt like Bertus because I was bawling my eyes out. I realized I LOVE Hyrum Smith... he's a boss.

Seriously, he was so devoted, just as devoted as Joseph Smith but didn't get near as much glory. I mean he didn't do it for the glory but still. How hard would it be to follow your YOUNGER sibling to death and be told what to do by them? #RESPECT

Our Tuesday devotional was clutch as always. It was a member of the 70 and he said that God has been waiting to lower the missionary age to hasten his work. He just had to wait until he had a generation that would say YES.

Made me feel guilty that I had been putting off going for like 6 months haha... but I definitely feel honored to be here and I am grateful that God trusted me to call me to this work and put me in this position. I don't care where I go, I just want to get out there... one week and I will have my re-assignment!

I have been going off campus a lot because my companion Sister Alzate has lots of medical appointments... it's party let me tell ya!

The best though was on Saturday when I was at the doctors waiting for my results I opened a new era and it was from this may and had the conference talks. I opened to the talk from Jeffery R. Holland called Lord I Believe... go read that it's fabulous. 

My favorite quote was, "Except in the case of His only perfect Begotten Son, imperfect people are all God has ever had to work with. That must be terribly frustrating to Him, but He deals with it. So should we."
That hit me hard because I hate stupid people, and I get annoyed... yeah i'll say it.

Leave it to Holland to lay it downnnnn!

I still haven't cried dad or Logan... yeah that's whats up. I'm not homesick whatsoever just livin' the life up in hurrrr!

Favorite quote from Sunday... 

Obedience is the Price
Faith is the Power
Spirit is the Key
Christ is the Reason
Love is the Motive
Joy is the Reward


Peace out homies...

Be good, I love you all and goodnight!

Friday, August 30, 2013

Pics from the week

 Our golf cart adventure

 The girls in my zone... aren't there such cute girls? I absolutely love it. Please notice Heather Bair in there! I'm so glad I get to see her all the time.There is also a girl who used to date Greg Moses... random
 These are some of our foreign friends that left this week... They were from Brasil and helped us with Portugues and we helped them with English... they would say some of the funniest crap.
 Selfie Sunday??? Why not? We're expected to be weird in the MTC... my last temple walk with my homeslice!

 This is Elder Manu from Tonga... probably the funniest person I have ever met. I think he knows more english than he lets on though. 

Me and Ace Face, I was seriously so pumped!

 The Ward girls and I

 Elder Morely and I... headed to Uganda!
 My district before Sister Falmo and Elder Edwards left... Elder Knowles on the far left is the one that is going to run for office with me one day. Our teacher is on the far right, Sister Petitta.
 My new companion Sister Alzate... I'm going to Columbia with her one day.
Thank you Blythe! Cutest package ever!

Saddest Week Thus Far

And Blythe and Cheyna for the win!!!! 
I seriously can't tell you guys thank you enough for the packages, they make my life! Chey, I may or may not have slammed that jerky within 20 minutes... tell Garrison good job. 

Okay Sagan wants me to write a contraction for calling her out on the Portugues thing last week, she claimed she was making a joke. Well if you are making a joke, make it funny Sag. Haha jk

This week was so sad because, Sister Faldmo and Elder Edwards left me to go to the Brasil MTC. DB left me and so did all my Poly friends... I'm trying to adjust to life without seeing Elder Blake everyday haha it is harder than you may imagine!

Brooke, when you come to the MTC play volleyball! I seriously love playing here because there are some legit elders and it's a party. Congrats on the call you will love it!

So on Sunday, my district decided to sing in sacrament meeting til we meet again since so many missionaries were leaving... we decided this on Saturday, none of us have any music ability and we tried to sing parts... bad idea. EPIC FAIL. Our branch was literally LAUGHING as we sang it was that bad. At least you could feel our testimonies? 

Oh if anyone who reads this loves me they will send me a little laser. You know just one of those little key chain cheap ones? I would seriously be in debt to you forever... don't get any ideas about what it's for, no it will not get me kicked out of the mtc... just help keep me entertained ;) please oh please!

On Sunday we get to go on a temple walk for an hour on the way back I see these two blonde girls and was like where are those sisters name tags? tsk tsk. Well it was Makenzie... I know I spelled that wrong, and Katrissa Ward! Ah so cool!

As i'm almost back I hear someone yell, Sister Shumway well I turn around and what do I find... ASA!!!! Oh my goodness Elder Blake and I had been trying to find him since Wednesday! I even went to the front desk and asked for his meal times (I had to explain he was my cousin first haha) I finally got to see him and it was so awesome, he looked so good! I saw him again yesterday too... I love it! Like that seriously was the greatest two moments of the MTC.... sorry DB ;)

I also saw JJ Morely at the temple... that was cool, I haven't seen him since high school so I'm way glad he recognized me and came and talked to me. 

Just in case some of you are worried, I am most definitely keeping it real up in herrrre. On Sunday night I went on a little adventure with my New Zealand friend (she also left me this week)... I won't say too much so that my e-mail can't be held against me haha but it was way fun and i will send some pics. 

On Tuesday guess who our devotional speaker was? Neil L. Anderson! I have been here three weeks and already heard from two apostles! That never happens how lucky am i?! The Lord knows I need some serious preaching to! 
He talked about love and sacrifice, which could not be more perfect. I feel like I have sacrificed a lot, caffeine, friends, the office, me bed, my naps haha but those aren't real sacrifices and he put me in my place. It was way good.

For some reason, my district got shoved down into the corner of our building away from all the Portugues speakers. Instead we are with all the foreigners learning english... oh boy you can only imagine. It is the most hilarious thing ever! I feel like i'm learning more Spanish, French and Dutch trying to communicate with all my friends there. There is one Elder, Elder Manu who is from Tonga that is seriously our best friend he is hilarious! He says he is playing football at BYU after his mission, but he likes to mess with us so I don't know if that's true or not. 
A lot of them help us with our Portugues too, they are seriously the funniest people. Most of the Elders just try to pick up girls because they want to marry an American. It's so bad but it's entertaining to watch. 

So I am now in a threesome because Sister Alzate, who was Sister Faldmo's companion was added to our companionship. She is awesome and is fluent in Spanish because her family is from Columbia and she goes there all the time. She is so patient and helps me a ton I seriously love her. 

Each district has two teachers, well one of our teachers left Saturday so we got a new one. Anyways when we were teaching him, and he was pretending to be an investigator I could NOT understand him! I guess I haven't gotten used to his accent yet. So I am sitting there not understanding one thing, and saying things that I didn't know if they applied or not and finally me, sister Alzate and our teacher just busted up laughing. I was honestly dying it was so bad. I'm glad our teacher has a sense of humor though and wasn't mad that I totally took the spirit from the room.

Out of all the pictures Chey and Ays sent me my favorites are the ones of Garrison and Denalli... HAHA oh how I got a kick out of those!

Dad Mom, I need to hear more about what is going on with Greater Canyonlands... Dad said it was probably going to happen. Call up Hatch's office and get John Tanner on the phone and get something happening... i'm going crazy in here not knowing what is happening! 

How is Bobby doing? I want to hear about his crazy mission. Also, more about Bry and her craziness.

Mom you know those fatheads well if you don't ask Callie about them Barkley has one of himself... he would.
I think we should get one of me and put it in Bry's room so she doesn't forget me haha psych that would freak her out.

The language is getting better everyday. We are only allowed to speak English at lunch and dinner and gym so that's been helping a lot.

Mom, Jace wanted to know some Portugues words so tell him Otimo (O-CHEE-MO) means like awesome or great. and Muito legal means like way legit. Oi, is hey.

Food well, oh you guys would be in heaven, there is wrap bar here that is the bomb. I get a spinach salad with like chicken, tomatoes, sprouts and carrots on it with poppy seed dressing that is the There is also yogurt parfaits everyday, the big ones like Mcdonalds used to have. When I eat the cooked food it seriously messes with my stomach.

Sister Olander says I dance like Generra... Generra must be a freaking good dancer then ;) haha

Oh my greatest quote ever this week was on Sunday at the fireside when it was PACKED... it took us forever to make our way to the elders in our district. We finally made it and the elders were like woah that took you so long... My reply was, "When did people stop understanding the phrase get the heck out of my way?!" Obviously changed to make it missionary appropriate. If you are not dying of laughter right now then you need to go watch Friends and become cooler.  

I can't really think of what else to tell you I am more than half way done. I will get my re-assignment in two weeks and depending on where I go I could leave that Saturday... crazy crazy. It freaks me out to think I might be teaching in English since I haven't taught in English yet!!! I just remind myself it doesn't matter where I go, I will love the people and sacrifice whatever I need to no matter what just like Elder Anderson said... 

Okay well God Speed... Be good, I love you and goodbye! Peace out my homies!

Pictures Week 2

 This pic is for mom, we got AWESOME cleaning inspection, proof that I am a good cleaner haha. Yeah Sister Faldmo totally photo bombing this pic.
 This protester was out by the temple when the missionaries were doing their Sunday temple walk just yelling at the top of his lungs...Monday and Tuesday he went across the street from the MTC...he must be threatened by teenagers
 Me, Sister Faldmo, Sister Alzate (companions) and Sister Clay, my companion
 Sister Faldmo
 Thanks mom for the package, the  Elders in my district were pretty shocked when I pulled out the prenatals.
 Thanks Blythe, Niki and the Miles for the packages, DC Simone is coming back because of all these tasty treats!
After we found out that two people got their visas