Monday, January 27, 2014

Pictures from Brazil


So on my mission one of the things I have come to learn is Gods sense of humor... When giving me a mission call he thought, oh yeah lets send Sis. Shumway, a person who thinks she isnt high maintenance to Brasil. But first, lets send her to NY the most high maintenance mission in the world. 

Yeah, its been crazy. The flight...
Well one of the elders lost his luggage and the flights were delayed so in Porto Alegre we missed our connecting flight. Yep, in a foreign airport with no one who speaks English... that was nice. Finally we contacted the president and we had to wait 9 hours for the next flight... yep 9 hours! It was an adventure for sure! 

I finally got to Santa maria at like midnight and stayed in a crazy hotel. Its 500 degrees here and I couldnt sleep at all because I just drip sweat... haha oh I have so much respect for Logan and Nate for sure now. 

My new comp is legit though. I would probably be miserable if it wasnt for her. We have so much fun together even though she doesnt speak a lick of english. The people here are awesome as well. I am in a small town in the middle of nowhere... yep sounds familiar huh? I am right at home! 

Its cool though because I am in one of the few branches that has Elders and Sisters and the pres is trying really hard to transition the mission to work more through the members and with other missionaries.... yep just like we did in NY! So its perfect that I came to this area because I already know kind of how to do things and what is effective... legit.

Well I seriously was just wet full time the first few days and God knew I was being a baby so he has blessed us with a lot of rain so I am surviving fine.

We get fed lunch here every single day. It is BOMB! Rice, beans and chicken. I love it and honestly I ate more sketch things in NY. I dont really eat breakfast or lunch though, maybe just a manga or something. 

I dont understand like anything that is going on but my comp says i dont have a sutake (accent) so thats pretty good. 

I only speak and think in portugues now... think it would drive you crazy? yeah it does and I have a constant headache but its all good. 

People im teaching... well I dont remember any of their names and they all look the same to me. They all think im Brasilian so thats a problem... but they are great, they are all so friendly and nice.

Everyone told me once I get to brasil i will just know thats where im supposed to be..... ehhhh false. i feel like i could be anywhere and be happy honestly. its just a matter of going with the flow. 

oh also, dont even worry i think i had some type of ellergic reaction when i got here because my face, hands and feet got oober swollen. only my feet still are... mom dont stress. im fine.

i live off of coke.... shhhh dont tell my misison presidents wife. she is crazy about what you eat like seriously crazy.

ummm i dont really know what else to say haha so yeah... bye! 

pictures: me and my comp Sister Cidrao from Sao Paulo... she says its WAY hotter here in Roserio than there.

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