Friday, August 30, 2013

Pics from the week

 Our golf cart adventure

 The girls in my zone... aren't there such cute girls? I absolutely love it. Please notice Heather Bair in there! I'm so glad I get to see her all the time.There is also a girl who used to date Greg Moses... random
 These are some of our foreign friends that left this week... They were from Brasil and helped us with Portugues and we helped them with English... they would say some of the funniest crap.
 Selfie Sunday??? Why not? We're expected to be weird in the MTC... my last temple walk with my homeslice!

 This is Elder Manu from Tonga... probably the funniest person I have ever met. I think he knows more english than he lets on though. 

Me and Ace Face, I was seriously so pumped!

 The Ward girls and I

 Elder Morely and I... headed to Uganda!
 My district before Sister Falmo and Elder Edwards left... Elder Knowles on the far left is the one that is going to run for office with me one day. Our teacher is on the far right, Sister Petitta.
 My new companion Sister Alzate... I'm going to Columbia with her one day.
Thank you Blythe! Cutest package ever!

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