Monday, September 9, 2013

Retraction NOT Contraction

I swear I am not getting stupid in here... i could still beat logan in minesweeper or sodoku ;) he is now going to claim i never beat him in sodoku or we just never did it... lies. it was in the basement. 

So best dearelder to date... the one from Denalli! Of course it included his life sucking, football and getting drunk. SO entertaining! But Dal, my district discusses comic books all day long so I feel ya.

Alrighty so on Saturday I found out I had a bladder infection... score.

However, i had to go off campus to the doctor and to get a perscription. Oh my lanta it was like Christmas

Walking into that rite aid=best day of my life! I was free! I ran as fast as I could to go buy some pepsi... I was out of control! Jk #yourmissionarysgotclass

It was great though and I stalked up... my district says I have an addiction.

I could not have been more thrilled about getting a bladder infection if it meant getting some caffeine... I have not forgotten the traditions of my fathers. ehh? ;) Dad we both broke down and got ourselves some good stuff. 

Guess who was my driver to the doctors though? Jordan Grover. Blanding peeps everywhere. 

Depressed about missing BYU's first game... they would lose. Tomorrow I am going to go outside and see if I can hear the game on the speakers though haha

At lunch one day we were talking about weird names. Yeah I know what you are all thinking, I was telling all of our families name... false. I actually said one of the most unique names I have ever heard is Thunder (thinking of Johnny Slavens boys name). Sister Williams in my district says, there is a couple in Texas that adopted a little boy and named him Thunder. Okay what are the chances of two LDS couples in Texas adopting a boy and naming him Thunder? Nada.... yes they are one in the same and I think she is e-mailing him right now because he was her seminary or institute teacher. 

Everyone told me fast sundays are the worst here... well because of my medications I had to take food with the pills haha ahhhh yeahhh! 

I saw Kendra Parker here... also guess who else works here? Lauren Baxter! Yeah how could you miss her right? All 10 feet of her... Creature will know who she is. I'm surprised that chick isn't in the olympics yet.

This week we moved into a new classroom and got a new teacher. Its one the 5th floor... so i'm working off all those calories hiking up them all day long! From the window I can see the windmills at the mouth of the canyon... makes me sad. Seeing those windmills were always the bomb because it meant you were almost done with your trip. Well i'm almost done with my MTC journey and I can see the windmills! (Sounded more profound in my head ha)

I miss our old classroom and all our foreign friends. There was one elder from Tahitti... I don't even know how to spell that. Anywho he would call me "indian girl" but his english sucked so it sounded like "injin girl" and would always say, "hey injin girl go..." and do the OH sound and pat his mouth to make an indian sound... you all know what i'm talking about haha. It was the funniest thing every time he saw me because he was convinced I was an indian.

On Wednesday I was a host for the new missionaries. I saw the Andersons from Cello... and I must have been hosting when the Meyers came. Logan must be on west campus because 2/3 of the new missionaries got bussed over there. 

So I took one of my missionaries over to the bus because she had to go to west campus. Well it was all full but I didn't want her to have to wait like 20 minutes for the next so I got on and they told me it was full and I said, "She is just one tiny person!".... you all should be dying of laughter right now. 

Mom, I only told you that bump is there because when I first showed you and it had been there over a month and you insisted it was a zit. I only told you to prove that I was right that it wasn't. Anyway it doesn't hurt and doesn't affect me, not a big deal.

I play volleyball with one sister and two elders that all played college volleyball and new zealand missionaries that are probably even more legit... I feel like a fool playing with them but it's a party.

When I was hosting there was an elder who would tell each one of my missionaries not to trust me that I was crazy and I'm like I don't even know you! Well I actually said you don't even go here... which was much more hilarious. Anyway I started telling people that he has been breaking all these rules and whatnot... we pretty much were throwing each other under the bus and had no idea who each other were...

well he ended up becoming my little buddy... he is from South Africa dad and his dad owns a diamond mine... I make friends with the right people ;) He calls me hick girl #represent

The Krispy Kremes and Pepsi made my entire life mom! I didn't eat for like 4 days straight because my bladder infection pills made me muito sick so I actually lost a lot of weight and I weigh less now than when I entered... yes, many good things came from that infection haha

Something I realized about myself since being here is that I worry about people... A LOT. Like in high school I was always worried if all the cousins were drinking enough water during sports or if they had enough time to read to get AR points (which is why I took all their AR tests for them #truthiscomingout) I worry that everyone is liking school and doing okay. I worry about Bronz and his shoulder, Pots in Mexico. I worry that Barkley still doesn't know what an oven is. I worry that L'sha isn't too overwhelmed with her program. I worry that Delbert will grow up only eating hot dogs, french fries and toast and won't even put ketchup on the hot dog because Denalli is weird like that. I worry the Bry is only going to want white cake with pink frosting and be obsessed with food storage. I worry that she is only going to say swear words...

Okay let's be real... I hope she only says swear words because that would be HI-larious! Not missionary appropriate? Oh wells

I worry about my district if they are homesick or frustrated. Like I have discovered I am SUCH a worrier. I know Grandpa B said it doesn't do any good to worry about things but easier said than done! 

I was actually so worried about an elder in my district because he hadn't gotten a letter from home yet a little while ago so I wrote him a fake letter from his mom... It was CLEARLY a joke but when he got it he was SO excited! It was so funny.... I mean sad. 

An elder actually got mad at me and said it's against the rules to write a letter to an elder i am serving with... OH MY GOSH it's not like it was a love letter it was a joke that we read to everyone! CHILLAX people!

PS will someone please tell me how to spell vizjy? vischy? vijy? I don't know.... its a problem.

Everyone thinks i'm hawaiin up in hurrrr. IDK why.

Sunday, we watched the old Joseph Smith movie... I remember the first time I watched that was with Bertus and L'sha in St. George and Bert bawling. Well on Sunday I felt like Bertus because I was bawling my eyes out. I realized I LOVE Hyrum Smith... he's a boss.

Seriously, he was so devoted, just as devoted as Joseph Smith but didn't get near as much glory. I mean he didn't do it for the glory but still. How hard would it be to follow your YOUNGER sibling to death and be told what to do by them? #RESPECT

Our Tuesday devotional was clutch as always. It was a member of the 70 and he said that God has been waiting to lower the missionary age to hasten his work. He just had to wait until he had a generation that would say YES.

Made me feel guilty that I had been putting off going for like 6 months haha... but I definitely feel honored to be here and I am grateful that God trusted me to call me to this work and put me in this position. I don't care where I go, I just want to get out there... one week and I will have my re-assignment!

I have been going off campus a lot because my companion Sister Alzate has lots of medical appointments... it's party let me tell ya!

The best though was on Saturday when I was at the doctors waiting for my results I opened a new era and it was from this may and had the conference talks. I opened to the talk from Jeffery R. Holland called Lord I Believe... go read that it's fabulous. 

My favorite quote was, "Except in the case of His only perfect Begotten Son, imperfect people are all God has ever had to work with. That must be terribly frustrating to Him, but He deals with it. So should we."
That hit me hard because I hate stupid people, and I get annoyed... yeah i'll say it.

Leave it to Holland to lay it downnnnn!

I still haven't cried dad or Logan... yeah that's whats up. I'm not homesick whatsoever just livin' the life up in hurrrr!

Favorite quote from Sunday... 

Obedience is the Price
Faith is the Power
Spirit is the Key
Christ is the Reason
Love is the Motive
Joy is the Reward


Peace out homies...

Be good, I love you all and goodnight!

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