Monday, September 9, 2013


 You all have no idea how excited I was

 My running mate ladies and gentleman... he said he will allow me to run with him because I will help get the female and minority vote haha!

 The two best things known to man... that's what's up.

 Thug life... thanks mom! The hats were a hit. My companheiras are in the middle and far right.

 Cortneys and the Shmeez's letters kept getting sent back... I promise I have written you!

 Guess what office I am in? I'm sure Logan, Stetler and many more know... haha no I was not in there for an injury. it was my roommate... chill mom :)

This is our grandma Judy who takes care of us at the doctors office... she's a gem.  

Okay so i'm not going to say much about this picture so my words can't be held against me ;) Just know that today was a pretty legit day! Arbys sauce for dayzzz

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