Monday, August 26, 2013

Week 2

When I'm gone, when I'm gooone 
You're gonna miss me when i'm gone. 
You're gonna miss me when i'm here, 
you're gonna miss me when i'm there,
you're gonna miss me when i'm gone.

Okay I don't even know if those are the right lyrics but they have been stuck in my head all week... kind of fitting right? anyway, for anyone who knows what i'm talking about, please just go and watch Pitch Perfect for me RIGHT NOW!

Okay a big shout out to Niki and Ladd and the Miles this week for the packages! I am definitely feeling the love! 

Also, thank you Stacey, Kristy and Kelsey for sending me the dearelders... I LOVE them! I love hearing about Ons and Kels... go tear up Cedar even without me!
 So I lost my journal, well I left it in the laundry room and nobody turned it into the lost and found! Some missionaries are dying of laughter right now because i'm pretty dang funny in my journal, so I think they just kept it so they can be entertained! But I really am sad about it so mom, keep my letters so that I remember my first week and a half in this prison.

P-day's are awesome... we go to the temple and it's super cool going as a district. At first, kind of weird and awkward because it's a bunch of crazy teenagers in there and immature elders but it helps put things in perspective when we come back to study.

On Sunday guess who spoke to the whole MTC? Vai Sikahema! Yep, that's right and he served the 18 month misison like you dad. He said his sons always give him crap and say that he served one of those sissy girl missions. His response is always, "it takes us 18 months what it takes you to do in 2 years"... preach.

Afterwards there was like a million and a half missionaries trying to talk to him saying, oh I played football, or I know so and so trying to make connections with him and crowding him like he had robbed a store. Well I hate to say it but I was one of those fools... #sorrynotsorry I had a legit reason though I think. Anyways dad, he said to tell you and mom hi. He said the scariest thing still he ever has done was fly with grandpa. It was funny. He talked to more for a long time asking all about our fam and whatnot..

PS he said that Robby Boscoes son is here in the MTC and another starter for the national championship team but it was some poly name and I can't remember it, but his daughter is here...represent.

On Sunday in Relief Society we took a huge picture for the time capsule because this is like the biggest relief society ever. Well anyways because there were SO many of us the guy had to do a bunch of different shots and it took forever. He said, hold really still or else it will be blurry. So everyone is frozen for a long time AND it is dead silent. He is taking the last couple of shots and yes, out comes one of moms GINORMOUS, ugly

sneezes that I inherited and everyone just busts up laughing... i'm the girl that ruined the big picture... word.

So, Brooke, Lexus, Heidi... anyone who is planning on serving missions, don't wear anything cheetah print or that has sequins because your district will tease you relentlessly. No, i'm jk rock it. The elders in my district are constantly making fun of Sister Faldmo and I even though they are not funny at all... they are like Ladd. 

Mama, Elder Jacobsen from Oklahoma is in my zone so I see him lots and we have talked about the Graves.
Remember how every sister in the MTC knows me as the girl who sneezed and ruined the picture? Well if that's not embarrassing enough it gets worse... At lunch the next day I was over talking to DB (I see him at least once a day) and I start saying bye so I start walking backwards to turn around and a lady was pushing a cart with all the salad dressing in big tubs. Yeah, I tripped over it, falling to the ground and knocking the salad dressing over with it. It was glorious. 

Okay God has a sense of humor, a very funny one actually. On Tuesday we were teaching two investigators, (No Sagan, they are not real investigators, they are our teachers pretending to be). Anyway, we taught one in the morning and one in the afternoon and we were teaching them basically the exact same thing. The morning lesson went awesome! I didn't use any notes and I could remember SO much, it was great... Well pride got the best of me and I thought, "I don't need to study more for our afternoon lesson, I'm teaching the EXACT same lesson" Yeah and so God was thinking, "HAHA i'll show you"... Long story short, I couldn't remember any portuguese, not even to pray! It was such an awful lesson. So I will not make that mistake agian. 

I get up at 6:30 (i've got the good cafeteria schedule)
breakfast at 7:15
personal study at 7:45
Classroom instructi0n with our teacher from 9-12
lunch at 12
computer language study from 12:45-1:45
teacher instruction from 2-5
dinner at 5
gym at like 6:30-7:20
back in the classroom at 8 
personal/language study until 9

I also think we are the only district that follows the rule about not getting mail until9:30... oh wells exact obedience right?

P-day, Sundays and service day are obviously different and oh so awesome. My service day is Tuesday morning which is great because Tuesday is when we have a HUGE devotional with everyone so that day flies by!

This Tuesday we had Richard J. Maynes who is in the presidency of the seventy and his wife. 
His wife said, have "More faith than fear" I am totally living by this while I try not to stress about my visa...

Oh remember how God has a sense of humor... well this was also hilarious. Not for me, but i'm sure God was busting a gut.

Sister Faldmo, who isn't my companion but is like the most awesome girl and we have gotten along so well from the beginning and have SO much fun together. I would not be surviving without her. Well on Thursday night we said we were going to have EXACT obedience, like lights out at 10:30on the dot and we are OUT of bed at 6:30or earlier. Well we were awesome about lights out... however in the morning Sister Faldmo was out of bed right when she was supposed to. I on the other hand, rolled outat 6:33.
.............She got her visa that day, I didn't. She will now be leaving me on Tuesday to go to the Brasil CTM... I am devastated for myself but happy for her. I will mis her SOO much. She is also going to Santa Maria so i'm hoping I get my visa so I can see her again. I will be getting out of bed at 6:25from now on haha.

Kelli, you asked about flirting in the MTC well here is more about what I think... So a lot of the elders literally just BARELY turned 18 so maturity level... not so high haha. Anyways, they accuse sisters of flirting all the time if you are nice to them, here's an example...

On Sunday, Devin Lyman comes and finds me at dinner to say bye, since he was headed to Mexico on Tuesday or Monday, with him comes Elder Lefever (something like that) who is from Tropic and knows all our cousins. So i'm at dinner talking to them for a while wishing Devin luck and everything. After I get done chatting, I turn back around to my district and the elders in my district jump down my throatt for flirting with the Elder Lyman. I then look at them and say, that was my cousin... The elders then tell me, oh then that's okay. Some people's children... haha jk I love the elders in my zone but yeah, there is still such an age difference I don't think it's a problem, but then again an elder might say something different. 

So here are some of my last thoughts. In a lot of talks this week they have mentioned stuff about us being the noble and great ones  mentioned in the scriptures... this is so true. God held all of this for this dispensation, why? What are we doing to prove ourselves? Prophets of old knew they were going to be on the losing team, they knew what they were getting themselves into. So why did God save all of us for this time, when we know we are going to be on the winning team? Such a cool thought to think we were held for this time for a very specific purpose. 

Also, if anyone has ten minutes of time go to and go to mormon messages watch the power of scripture I think it's called. I love this one. I know I have definitely taken the scriptures for granted when people have been killed for them. 

Anyways, thank you all for letters, packages and support. I truly do love being a missionary. We continue to have more and more fun in this place! I'll attach pics to another e-mail, Ays forward this around and also, post on my FB please and thank you. 

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