Thursday, July 25, 2013

This is weird...

First blog post ever! I feel like such a Mormon, Utah mom... not that that's a bad thing haha I just may as well be wearing a chevron shirt and a chunky necklace while i'm at it. Okay let's be honest here this is for my reading only... I have two weeks until I am in the MTC, what what!!! So, I just wanted to make a quick list of the things I think I will miss the most. It will be funny to read after my mission and see what I actually missed and compare how vain I am (maybe that won't change though). Here goes, my top 20 things!

20. Combat boots
19.Slow pitch

18.Playing my grandma's baby grand piano
17.The Bachelor/Bachelorette
16. Big, fancy jewelry
15. Skirts above my knees
14. Trash bagging houses (totally legal and not vandalism)
13. Foosball
12.Friends... yes the tv show
11. Non church books (Dan Brown, C.S. Lewis)
10. Baking

9. Fishing
8. Aerosmith, ACDC, Slade, Foreigner, Eagles... basically any good music
7. Swimming

6. Normal workout clothes (no lesbian shorts)
5. My leather jackets
4. Red and black fingernail polish
3. HIGH heels
2. My mom's food
I realize that most of these, shoes, nail polish, leather jackets, etc make me sound like a hooker but well, I don't care!

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