Sunday, April 27, 2014

Don't Worry I Didn't Die

Okay yesterday was a holiday so i didnt get to email... sad that people celebrate christs atonements with drinking and all sorts of sins...

Kelli CONGRATS! I am so stoked... another Nov. birthday in the fam. and what? Laik is prego too? if i gathered right from mavs email. 

mom for the package all i want is a lufa and the little green ctr rings to give to kids here... i dont need anything else but i cant remember if i told you about packages here or not? this is the dl when sending packages here put that you spent no money and its misisonary supplies so i dont have to spend 500 freaking dollars. when i send packages i have to put that i spent way more money too so i dont have to spend 500 freaking dollars.

okay im being dramatic but really all the american missionaries have told me this is the best way to do it. 

what do i say about my new comp... I LOVE HER! She is the cutest thing, always in cardigans. she looks like a little brittish girl, sag would love her! 

seriously my portuguese has already improved so much with her. she also is trying to learn english so we only speak english in the house... its great! 

seriously though having brasilian comps that want to learn english is the best because they will repreat anything you tell them. I have two americans in the district from texas that are big tony romo fans and so i had her go up to them and say tony romo is awful and brings shame to number 9 hahaha it was so funny. 

i really dont have a lot to say and not a lot of time to say it. we went to another city this morning for zone meeting and i only have a little bit of time but let me just repeat... I LOVE MY COMP! Sister Claret. She joined the church 4 years ago, is an only child and her parents arent members... wow. 

she is constantly getting packages and letters from her boyfriend (and ive only been with her for a week) and im sitting there like yeah, well my mom sends me postcards! haha no mom i seriously love them. 

about mothers day, ays it will be skype. no one has apple products here. and so i have no idea how i will be able to talk to all of you because my comp said for christmas they only got 40 minutes... LAME! 

thanks for doing my taxes dad, i forget im semi a real person. and its actually a curse that i look brasilian because then people start speaking super fast and i just smile and nod. 

i met a lot of crazy people this week... sis. claret and i were dying. seriously im always laughing with her! 

Allysondra lied and said she was going out of town so she couldnt go to church... the elders saw her with some friends, score.

not much is new except i also spoke too soon about it cooling down, its back to heat. oh great!

my last pday with cidrao last week we went to the beach here... i attempted to take the same pic that logan took when he was in the philippines except im not lucky enough to have my best friend in my mission with me to take the pic haha

sad i missed another easter! but my easter last year was probably my favorite... i was in dc and had 3 investigators and one less active to church with me. ha funny that i had more "success" not as a missionary. 

Sag im pumped for you to be in kentucky soon. seriously the time that i learned and grew the most was when i was outside of utah, not as a missionary... DC. you will learn how to weave the church into any conversation in a non-weird preachy way and it will be epic and nate will have a lot of missionary opportunities with dental school too im sure. and dont worry im already planning on visiting you for like a week.

chey funny that bry said she loves my bed... i do too. probably the comfiest bed in the house, someone go take a nap in it for me! 

okay well im kinda over emailing for the day. its weird not emailing on pday and i feel like im wasting a lot of time right now... there are souls to save!

sis shum

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