Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Why helllloooo there! Im so jealous to see snow! even if it is only like an inch. 

Ays, i cant even describe to you how incredibly jealous i am that you got to go to my future husbands concert. im glad you aprove of him though and good to know he will be accepted in the fam.
for those of you who are confused my future husband is scotty mccreary. 

so this week... what can i say, i LOVE my comp.yes sag she is from brasil. i dont know how to spell the city so im not going to attempt but its the city of cheese and she is going to teach me how to make cheese bread... life doesnt get any better right?

i started out my experience of brasil semi frustrated at how different the work was from ny but now i realize it was just because of my comp and leaders. now that i have an awesome comp and an awesome dl life is great and the work is actually the exact same. 

we are going to create a new branch mission plan and get the members pumped to help. s. claret and i are so obedient but we have SO much fun together, she is already one of my best friends. 

dad she tells me i have problems like you always do when i dance hahaha. no i have not grown up yet.

its interesting because you would think a mission would make me more mature but i think it is doing the opposite. the tiniest things bring me such great joy and happiness. i act more like a kid everyday i think. and still when a lady starts breast feeding in public i start laughing... immaturity at its finest. 

but the obedience has brought miracles. this week we went to teach Lily. i have been teaching her since my first week here and we clapped at her fence and she comes out of her house and says, i received an answer to my prayers that i need to be baptized. well there ya go.its marked for may 10th 

the elders had a baptism so we took her and her sister to watch. but they live really far away and are old so we had to walk slow so we knew we were going to be late but everything here starts late so i didnt think it would be a problem but i called elder lapray just in case to tell him to wait for us and he said okay (i had to speak in english so lily wouldnt understand) well we were almost to the church when another elder calls and said she had already been baptized... WHAT THE HECK?! we walked all that way so she could see a baptism. things NEVER start on time here! i was so angry but when we got there elder lapray said that his comp didnt know how to baptize so it was better that she didnt see, it would have scared her hahaha #18yearolds

this week was way good though we have started doing a lot of noite familiars with the members here and our less actives and investigators and it helped a lot. yesterday was the most we have had at sacrament meeting since ive been here! 

I dont really know what else to say except yes chey i got your letter and mom i just got another letter from you and the story about grandpa in the hospital is so funny... thats just like him i can just picture him drilling the nurses and asking a how many acres are in a section (im also really proud that i knew that)

but other than that things are pretty normal. sag and ays i will try to swing something to skype you guys! 
oh and i have to tell you all... because i walk so much now i have calves!!! okay they are still tiny and nowhere near Shumway standard yet but im hoping with time... if i had only known in high school that all i had to do to build calve muscles was walk around with scriptures i would have ha. 

over and out
Sister Shums

The view from our church... 
We get really into our noite familiars... haha we are children.

okay so here for easter they have these giant chocolate eggs that are a big deal... coolest thing ever. well i waited forever for one to go on sale and it was the greatest day of my life.i dont know how to explain how awesome these things are.

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