Thursday, May 8, 2014


okay well i sent an email asking for the skype name of my sisters but
psychhhhh i just got an email from my pres. that i only get to skype for 10
minutes so i will just skype mom and dad and maybe you guys can facetime in
and i can see you some how, i dont know. my mission president is freaking
exhausting me.

Okay well this week will definitely be one that I remember forever. So S.
Claret and I have been really focused on being exactly obedient and working
so so hard. We are probably a little over the top and semi crazy with
things but we know it will bring miracles. well...

this week was awful! okay not awful but we were working so hard and having
seriously ZERO success. We kept saying we are just proving our faith but
towards the end of the week we were starting to drag and it was starting to
be exhausting the fact that nothing was working. Saturday night we were so
fed up that we finished off the night binging on hot dogs and milkshakes.

Lily didnt come to church and therefore will not be baptized, we found out
other investigators were only willing to listen to us because they liked my
accent, basically everything fell.

however we were still super obedient. during this we prayed for out goal
for baptisms for this upcoming month and we both came up with 8 and were
shocked because this is a crazy high number.

so yeah we were even more discouraged after this week of being more
obedient and working harder than ever and coming up with nothing. well God
always answers prayers...

Sunday, after no investigator came to church we were still discouraged but
we went to look up a less active and when we did we found three families
there, 6 people that we taught... completely the pure in heart! such a
miracle they have such a sincere desire. when we asked them to be baptized
they told us that they had already been baptized so we explained again
about the priesthood authority. they were like oh! yeah that makes sense,
we didnt have the authority so it doesnt count in gods eyes.... what the
heck?! we never get that kind of response!

after this we went and watched 17 miracles with the family i love, andressa
her sisters and all of them. it was POWERFUL! remember the dad who smokes
and came to church that one time? well he was there and after the movie he
talked and gave the last prayer... it was so amazing.

okay but about the movie, dont even worry that i was bawling through the
whole thing almost #noshame

and after when it shows the pictures of the people and talks about them,
with every town it mentions in utah they would ask me if its my town. well
when it got to jens nielson and bluff i was able to tell them about it and
i realized then and as i watched the film how grateful i am for the
sacrifices people made so that i could have the gospel in my life. i told
them about other stories and things about the pioneers and told them how
their actions today will affect generations because the actions of the
pioneers affected me, the spirit was so strong there it was a miracle.

after as we were walking home Sister Claret turned to me and said you are
so blessed to have such a great legacy, my parents dont even accept me
being on a mission let alone the gospel... BOOM put my life into

So i just want to say THANK YOU mom dad and grandparents for teaching me
and giving me all the opportunities i have in my life.

Anyways i just really gained an appreciation for my ancestors and my family
this week especially being with S.C. who NONE of her fam is members she has
no one and so i am so grateful...

peace out my fam... skype ya soon!
Sis Shums

our binge on hot dogs and milkshakes.... and what can i say? Brooklyn will
always have a place in my heart.

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