Sunday, June 15, 2014


I just found out Kelli is having a girl hahahahha yes i died of laughter...
Logan is doomed to a life of girls. After a rough week in Brasil this just
put a big ole smile on my face.

Seriously Kellis email made me laugh. it was good to hear that logan and
nate are going on fishing dates... ha

so my life this week... okay well you know how tired you are when you dont
even want to email on pday, you just want to go home and sleep.

Okay but seirously this week was great we had three baptisms! What what!
remember the story i read in my farewell talk about having friends from the
pre-existence that you need to find and bring the gospel to. well this week
the three baptisms were 100% some of those friends. so prepared and so

we have been having lots of noite familiars so thats been sweet, working
with the members a ton. seriously the members here are great and just love
the missionaries.

someone go ask randy rarrick what helped him decide to be baptized because
there is a couple here that i think of the rarricks everytime. Nara is like
my mom here and shes so much like lisa and i just want her husband to get
baptized so bad!

remember lily? yeah she still feels like shes not prepared to be
baptized... what the heck she seriously knows everything!

last week we had a conference with a seventy that was awesome but my
favorite was his wife... she was great but she challenged us this week in
our emails to write to our family and share why we are on a mission so here

straight up, i didnt want to come on a mission haha i have so many things i
want to do and i thought a mission would just get in the way of things. but
i know now that this is how God is going to teach me how to let Christ mold
me into the person that God wants me to be, not who i want to be.

I am here to give a small, humble sacrifice or tithing of my life to Christ
for his atonement. We are commanded to become like Christ but how can we
become like him if we dont know him? We come to know him by picking up our
cross and following him. but Christs cross wasnt just HIS weight, because
he was perfect, he didnt have weight. His cross was the weight of all other
people. Therefore if we want to truly pick up our cross we have to actually
help pick up the crosses of other people. We have to bear their burdens in
order to know and understand Christ. If we just focus on bearing our own
burdens we will not become like Christ. I am on a mission to help others
pick up their crosses. to feel their burdens and put some of their weight
on my shoulders so i can understand a fraction of Christs atonement.

I remember in may when i was subbing in the 3rd grade in monticello. it was
a long hard day and i was exhausted. as i was walking out of the school to
go home, i remember thinking, a mission is going to be way harder than
this. the days are going to be harder and longer. if you cant hack this
then you cant hack a mission. i remember feeling super stressed and as i
was walking to my car outside of monticello elementary school the Angel
Moroni on top of the temple came into view. i started crying as i realize
any sacrifice is worth it for temple covenants.

however something ive learned is that we dont have to rely on our own
strength, we have the grace of Christ... USE IT! its not just a comforting
thought its an actual power that we can access. like wind or solar power,
the power of the atonement is a physical, tangible power that will help us
if we align our will with Gods will.

there is my shpill for the week (how do you spell shpill?)

the weeks are passing super super fast. i cant even believe it.

conference was great to see some of my mtc friends

i dont really have much to report this week because we had a conference and
then a lot of the time was spent preparing and teaching for the baptism. so
yeah sorry.

this week is going to be interesting... its the start of the world cup so
yeah basically we arent going to be able to teach anyone for a month...
walking around in the roads all day is going to be a blast! (sarcasm)

i cant believe how big brew is now... hes so dang cute. it will be fun
coming home to 2 nieces and 2 nephews.

soak up the sun for me... im just in brasil freezing... who knew?!

imari... what the heck it still doesnt feel real to me shes getting
married. but i want pictures! i dont think i will believe it until i see it

well i think thats about it for this week. sorry its short!

Sister Shums

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