Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Put a your a Hands in the Air

Someone tell Peanut congrats on his mission call for me! The BYU reunion
sounded so fun! im so jealous and that pic with dad and Brewer on the field
like the pic of dad and Logan on the field is SO cute! I cant believe how
chubby his now! Oh and Brew is getting fatter too ;) ha jk dad thanks for
trying on some bling for me though. Did you guys talk to Senator Hatch? Did
he pretend to remember mom and pretend to remember me? No he better
remember me i brought him lunch almost everyday!

My money is on dads tomatoes doing better than logans...

Chey... Sometimes i think sending me to NY first was a cruel joke too haha
but i will go to both reunions for sure. but if i had to choose... NY shhh
dont tell my mission here haha

Sag... quit with the law school that ship was sailed when i went to DC and
learned how not cool being a lawyer is.

Im glad gramps took the surgery like a champ... lets be real though, did i
expect anything less?

By raise of hands who started crying when Pres. Uchtdorf started talking?
that would be me...

I wish i could say something that would make this day easier for everyone
back home but words dont change things that have happened. at the beginning
of this weekend i thought, great every April conference will be a sad
reminder. then i realized what a tender mercy it actually is. every year it
will be hard but we get to listen to the consoling words of a living

Elder Uchtdorfs talk is what did it for me... i absolutely loved it, i
couldnt even take notes i just sat there thinking and listening.

this week as i was fasting and praying the words, Christ weeps with us kept
coming to my mind. death isnt just a trail people have to go through and
our Father in Heaven and Christ are just watching to see how we will handle
things... no, it hurts them just as much as us, if not more and they are
crying too. Remember Christ already felt the loss before us. while thinking
about this i rememberd the story of Alma and Amulek. All the followers of
Christ were burned and Alma and Amulek had to sit and watch. They had the
power of God, they wanted to badly to stretch forth their hands and save
these good people from their pains, but the spirit constraineth them from
helping. Alma says, the Lord receiveth them up in glory unto himself, in
glory; and he doth suffer that they may do this thing....
Yes, Alma knew what was waiting for them and knew it was so much better but
did it make it any easier for them to watch? Absolutely not.
Its the exact same thing with Christ and our Father in Heeaven. They want
so badly to reach out and take our pains away but sometimes they have to
watch us suffer. They know its for our own good but i think it pains them
just as much as us to watch us go through trails and i know they are
weeping with us.

With that said i thought it was so interesting how SO MANY talks in
conference talked about covenants. Whether it was about obedience to those
covenants, making covenants such as baptism or even going to the temple,
family history or eternal families many discussed the importance of
COVENANTS and the temple should always be our focus and not the vain things
of the world... i loved it!
It reminded me of our theme in NY that says the TEMPLE is the goal #NewYork

I also loved when Elder Perry spoke about growing up and how it was like
the celestial kindgom having all his family so close and i thought the same
thing. All of my grandparents live within walking distance and many of my
cousins too! I really did have the perfect childhood except for evil
parents who let the mean rooster chase me around... im still traumatized by
that by the way...
okay youre not evil, only that lack of judgement was.

So on Friday night my comp asked me about americans watching tv on sunday
because she heard we all watch football. i replied yeah depends on the
family. she asked about me and i said yeah, i dont think its that bad... we
watch as a family... well Elder Nelsons talk slapped me in the face.

When he spoke about watching football on Sunday my DL and I, who is also a
Cowboys fan, looked at each other and said oops. Seriously, like Elder
Hales spoke about i realized i have had, selective obedience, in things or
as i like to call it, if-thats-the-worst-im-doing ovedience, where i think,
well if thats the worst things im doing im pobably doing pretty darn good.

yeah it so doesnt work like that...

My Pres wanted all the missionaries to watch conference in their native
language no matter what so im happy i was able to understand it all! The
americans just went into another room in the church to watch it. Can i just
express how incredibly awkward i am! It was me and we have 3 other
americans in my district here... it was me and three elders. I seriously
didnt know how to handle myself i felt so awkward and was so weird.... pray
for me when i get home because im going to need all the help i can get

it was fun having a little american party though. we all made american
treats and every time they mentioned the US or we saw a US flag we all did
little fist pumps #merica

I think if i didnt have conference this weekend it would have been a really
hard week for many reasons. one is that we have just about no one to
teach... literally all our investigators dropped us. Luis, the awesome boy?
his dad wont let him meet with us anymore.
Remember Fran? My perfect investigator that has such a strong testimony,
attends church, reads the BOM everyday and the only problem is her husband
doesnt want to be legally married? Yeah we had lunch there on Friday and
she was so excited for conference. when she didnt come we went to her house
and she told us to never come back...
broke my heart.
dont know why.
wanted to cry.

I am doing absolutely everything in my power to be obedient and help the
people here but it just seems like im having less and less success. I guess
as long as God is sending ble3ssings back home though its okay, people have
their agency.

There has been a lot of losses around this weekend so im super grateful we
have conference and can listen to a living prophet!

com amor,
Sister Shumway

Pics: Our American party... please just notice the hand gestures... Elder
Vernon: thumbs up, always has a smile on his face #18yearolds
Elder Rodgers: Spiderman... missionaries are freaking weird
Elder Lapray: Peace... he thinks hes cool but i know secretly he was
thinking about the Bachelor hahaha

Saturday morning the young womens session was broadcast here and i watched
in english alone.... it was fabulous!

everyone said its worse here but i think its better. its just the same
except instead of pepporoni its linguissa which is a million times better!

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