Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Oh The Portuguese

dont even worry that about 5 minutes after i sent my email last week i
found powdered sugar here... which is RARE! Yeah you better believe i came
out of retirement and made some cinnamon rolls asap. i also learned how to
make maracuja, a fruit here, (i dont know what it is in english because ive
never seen it) mousse which is to die for! sag, you say i need to learn how
to make everything but everything im learning i dont think you will even
eat haha. and yes with all this the diet went out the window. lets be real
though i dont even know how to go on a diet.

its funny that people say a mission is the best place to develop and
improve talents but i think the only talent im improving is baking haha.
parents... i think this is a sign i need to go to culinary school?? jk ill
go to real school first. (i would put quotations on real but i dont know
how to on computers here)

Dad it is really funny that you mentioned the fact that you have a football
thing to go to at BYU this week because this week it hit me... this year is
the 30th year anniversary for the national championship right?! Seriously
if they do something cool for the reunion like go to a bowl game in Cali
again this year I am going to be so sad i missed it! those were the bomb.
and i am super jealous i am not going to the spring football thing this
weekend with you (assumming you would let me come) haha. anyway if there is
a cool reunion, try on lots of super bowl rings for me will ya someone?
Okay so remember that miracle last week about those girls and one boy
coming to church? Well we had such an amazing lesson with them. they read
the book of mormon and understood everything! Well saturday we went back
for a lesson and the girls gave us these excuses why we couldnt teach them
anymore but the 12 year old little brother still wants to be taught...
later that night we saw one of the girls going to a different church. heart

However, the 12 year old boy, Luis. He is something special. He understands
everything, answers every question and is just amazing. As we were teaching
him the plan of salvation he said it was all really familiar to him but he
didnt know how. then he gave the prayer and oh boy was it powerful. that
kid is special i know it, i have never seen anything like that.

Fran... the investigator with the autistic girl. she is just perfect. she
reads, comes to church fasts, she is basically a member. its just her
husband wont get legally married... so frustrating! we are going to do a
fast with her though to hopefully soften his heart.

the work here is so interesting... you would think because its brasil it
would be a lot easier. well the south of brasil is not brasil. my comp who
is from sao paulo says the church is SO different here. my branch in NY was
bigger than my branch here.
yeah, people here will let you come in and teach them but they dont keep
commitments and the members dont understand a whole lot as well.

for example in other places during sacrament meeting its normal to sit as
families... nope, not here they all sit with their friends and talk and are
on facebook during the sacrament. and its not just one or two families its
everyone! they constantly have parties in the chapel, not for the church,
like personal parties... what is going on here?

one thing i dont like here is that there is such an emphasis on senior and
junior companions here. in ny i dont think i ever heard someone say
anything about it. i mean with sister blosil obviously we could assume she
was senior but it wasnt said every single day. here it is a BIG deal. even
if she is being disobedient my pres says i have to follow her... WHAT THE
HECK?! its a little rough going from a place where you feel like you know
how to be a missionary and coming here where you just feel like a baby.
ughhhhh and i can see how it is affecting the work!

my comp is really really trunky. she constantly talks about going home,
having kids and getting married. but my president thinks that is a good
thing. have i told you all how much my president talks about marriage?!

ok... let me just tell you, and yes this is all true. my pres tries to hook
up missionaries. not after the mission, now! straight up and he thinks we
all need to marry each other within like a month of getting home and its
just the strangest thing i ever did see.

but what can i do? i just try to learn the language... Logs i finally got
your letter, yep took more than a month! and you said the first month was
complete confusion?? ive been here more than 2 months and im still in
confusion! and im pretty sure portugues is easier than tagolog. ill admit
it, Logan is smarter than me.... wow the mission really changes a person
huh? i cant believe i didnt die as i typed those words.

ive been studying the book of abraham a lot lately... it helps me keep an
eternal perspective.

so you know how i have my problems with smelling and tasting? well i feel
like here i smell more and taste less.... i dont know if its just because
things are dirtier here so the smell is really strong and i eat the same
thing everyday so im just used to it? who knows

it was Clebers birthday this week... he is an RM and helps the missionaries
with anything and everything, hes the bomb. birthdays are such a big deal
here, i love it!

it was also another members this week too, Gabrielle... they are such a
cool family and its so funny because they NEVER eat beans and rice...  but
this is the pic of her and her cake, oh and my pretty boy DL is in the pic
too. can i just tell you how great it is to have an american DL that i can
speak english to? especially one that will talk about the Bachelor with
me... hes got some great opinions about Emily hahaha.

Sag on a scale of 1-10 my portugues is a 4

i know this email is overall somewhat negative but i promise i love it
here, and sagan tell nate that no, the time isnt dragging it is 100%
flying... way too fast, i have way too much i need to do. i am so grateful
i have been able to see so much growth in my comp. there are still a lot of
things that need to change but the Lord wont punish me for her doings, i
just have to do my part.

how stoked are you to have general conference this weekend? seriously cant

alrighty im peacin out for the day... be good my friends.
Sis Shum

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