Monday, February 24, 2014

What a week...

First thing first... MY BEST FRIEND IS ENGAGED! Ah Cort I love you and im
so excited... dangggg Stet did a good job at picking out that rock. I knew
she would cave eventually ;) so weird that she will be married when i get

Oh boy this week... so the great thing about here is that I sleep like a
rock. However last monday, at 3:15 I woke up... like WIDE AWAKE! I look
over and see that my comp isnt in her bed... WHAT THE HECK?!
My first reaction is fear, not fear for her but fear for myself. Why? My
first thought was that she could be in another room doing some weird
Brasilian ritual thingy... I dont know why I thought that.
Okay I do, its because of some gnarly churches here that do crazy things.
Anyway, I realized that she was in the other room talking on the phone....
I sat in my bed thinking, do I bust her tonight or in the morning. Well my
dad syndrome got the best of me and I fell asleep before I could decide.
That morning I was like okay WHAT THE HECK?!

Yeah.... thats my life. I feel like I am babysitting... I wake her up, I
tell her to study, she sits on the sidewalk as I run back and forth on the
block, I force her to not in NY anymore.
The sad thing is, apparently this mission is a lot more obedient than other
Brasil missions. HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE?! I feel like everything is so
disobedient here! Its probably just because I cling to the rules because
they are the only things that are familiar to me.

On a positive note... she really is a great teacher so once were there its
great. We have been teaching a 15 year old girl named Biance. Her mom is a
super less active. Bianca is SOLID and is reading the BOM and has questions
about it and its just great. She is getting baptized on Saturday! WAHOO!

Im trying really hard to impliment a lot of things we did in NY with
working through the members and strengthening the branch. The work is SUPER
old school here and not the most efficient. So yeah, NY is coming to BRASIL!

This week I thought about where I have lived the past year... Blanding,
Arlington, Brooklyn and Brasil! Super legit right? Im so blessed!

Fran, our investigator who wants to be baptized still cant get her husband
to be legally married so that is frustrating because she is solid. she
comes to everything, and is basically already a member, there is just that
little part of MAKING SACRED COVENANTS! We will keep praying.

This week President Parrela and Sis Parrela came to Rosario do Sul for a
fireside on Saturday. I didnt understand anything but whatever. Sis.
Parrela is crazy but great. She told me chocolate is of the devil... woops.
haha we went and ate after with them and they told me how much they love
the Palmers (the ones who were on the tour with them.)

It rained like crazy on Saturday! Anytime I wear my orange skirt it just
pours... im going to start wearing it everyday! jk... well...

On Sunday we ate with Mari... a member here who is so cool! She reminds me
of Lisa Rarrick in like every way possible and always feeds us. Her husband
is so dang good too. He isnt super interested in the church but one day
that will change. They made Armadillo for us on Sunday... yeah i ate that
sucker and it is SO good! I felt like I was at Rodizio grill... so much
meat... ah i love it!

As far as teaching... there isnt really anyone else who is progressing a
whole lot. We could stop and teach anyone because people are just nice and
friendly here but the church of the devil is really strong here and so we
try to avoid a lot of houses where that crazy stuff is going down. Satan is
very real people and he is trying to gain control over you!

Well with that... dont worry about my blisters... an elder gave me lots of
stuff to take care of them. Brasil is bumpin!

com amor,
Sis Shumway

PS im really glad to hear that dad didnt die of a heart attack in Hawaii...
ill be honest, i still dont really believe that he actually went ha.

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