Monday, February 3, 2014


Okay so I think last week I was so overwhelmed with having some technology I completely freaked out and didnt write much... that and I have about a billion and a half people in NY to keep in touch with... e-mailing is now super stressful. 

First off I have learned more about Gods sense of humor... he sent me to a place where they drink tang... ALL the time... yeah it makes me sick. Dad would LOVE Brasil for that reason haha. 

I still dont know what the heck is going on here but thats okay, im just enjoying the ride... The kids teach me the most Portugues and I attempt to teach them english. My comp and some little girls now say, I feel ya, thats legit and like a boss.... yeah im leaving my mark here for sure.

Ive been wondering how can the work be EXACTLY the same and complete OPPOSITE at the same time? Its weird but true. Obedience is a lot different here, and its kind of frustrating because missionaries constantly say, well things are just different here in Brasil... NO they dont have to be! We can work with the members just as much here. They can fulfill their callings just as much here and we can be just as obedient. 

Im pretty sure im already known as the nazi obedient missionary but thats okay, obedience is the only frequency the spirit operates in... from an apostle. boom.

Okay let me just paint a picture for you... somehow we now have a bus to pick people up for church... its old and ghetto and barely runs. On Sunday  it was about 48 Celcius so like 115 degrees... yeah i know its miserable. We are packed onto this bus, the windows dont open and it is at least 130 degrees up in there. I was just dying at the situation! Honestly, the funniest thing I have ever seen everyone was dripping sweat but just happy because we were going to church. it was epic and we had 6 investigators come! SOOO uncommon here in this mission... we found an epic family that we are teaching.

3 of the girls, Hannah, Rose and one I cant pronounce came to church. Also, a lady named Fra who is like the prettiest girl ever came who has been investigating for 5 years! She wants to be baptized though!!! 

Cool story... we were teaching Fra and she has the cutest daughter that has autism. Anyway, somehow I was able to tell her that she is an amazing mom and that her daughter is extremely special and she came to earth in this body because she is too important to be corrupted by Satan. I had NO idea what I was saying... nada. My comp told me after, but it was like someone was whispering the words to me. After I got done saying this, her daughter looked at me and just started smiling and laughing. I realized though she wasnt looking at me but looking just to the side of me. I know that the spirit world is REAL and it is here on earth. I still dont know who it was whispering the words to me but that lesson was powerful and it was the lesson that she decided to get baptized.

problem... shes not legally married and her husband doesnt want to be. We are having a lesson with him this week though..... he needs to step it up.

100% I know that happiness is a CHOICE! It is miserably hot here, I cant communicate, Im getting super fat, blisters cover my feet... there is NOTHING fun about a mission, nothing. However, if you choose to find happiness a mission  can have fun things. A mission in general is not fun. It may be rewarding and worth it but not fun. But, you can choose to HAVE fun. if that makes any sense? I shouldnt be having fun and be happy in these circumstances but I am... i totally am somehow and its legit. 

Also, Stetlers scripture that he shared with me before I left, Mosiah 5:13 gets me through a lot of things. I am so grateful for all of their examples. 

Dad, you found the right place, it has a huge river here. We eat chicken, noodles, rice and beans for every meal and I freaking love it. Excepts I have never weighed so much in my life. Diet started yesterday. 

Peace out my friends... be good! 
Culture sock? Nahhhh

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