Monday, February 10, 2014

Fanny packs and American music

Cheyna would love it here... everyone wears fannypacks! Yet, I have not
found one place that sells them. How is this possible?

Also, there are cars with GIANT speakers that drive through the streets
blasting music. American music. I dont even realize it but because its in
ENGLISH (yeah people dont know what theyre listening to here) I start
singing along and then I catch myself rapping along to eminem or something
like that.... ahhh its so bad but i just love english!

This week was super interesting. My comp was sick so I had to stay inside
for like three days just sweating my life away...l its was great. NOT! I
also went to the hospital with her.... yeah not sanitary whatsoever. I will
NEVER get sick here.

On that note... everyone asks about the water. Well when its 115 degrees
you drink whatever. Lets be honest, I saw a worm in the water back home so
this water is great compared to that haha.

We had mega-zone conference in Santa Maria this week... I didnt understand
anything but I got to go to... wait for it.... SUBWAY! but it wasnt the
same unfortunatel.

Sag, to answer your question, on a scale of 0-10 my portuguese is honestly
a 1. Like its BAD! Ive never felt so dumb in my life but its a good
huimbling experience. Also, will you send my Jordan Palmers address. sister
Millett in NY wants to write her.

Mom,. will you send me an easy chocolate chip cookie recipe and crepe

Im stoked to have a little Garrison running around. Too bad the thing wont
talk until he is 25 haha.

Okay also a talk I read this week, Swallowed up in the will of the
Father.... its great and totally put me in my place.

Keep it real
Sis Shum

pics: sometimes it rains for 5 minutes and its the best!


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