Wednesday, March 19, 2014

My Traumatic Experience

So after e-mailing last week we went to a salon. I cant even describe how pumped I was to go to an actual salon.. even though they are everywhere down here. Even though I just wanted to trim my hair i was so excited because its brasil and hair is a big deal. Well im sitting there waiting for the lady to start cutting my hair. I had already explained i just wanted 2 fingers (thats how they measure it) cut off from the bottom, no layers, no nada. Well i look over at my comp and i see the lady take a waching to her hair. seriously, a wacking. as soon as i see this im thinking, no this is so not happening. i realized that the only thing in between this lady who i barely can communicate with and my hair is scissors... seriously not happening! before i could jump out of the chair, i heard, snip. well... there goes my life. i wanted to cry in that moment because i look over and see sis. cidraos hair cut into the worst mullet you ever did see. i cant even begin to describe how bad her hair is now. thank heavens mine wasnt as bad. she cut more off than i wanted, about 3 inches.... well.... in some places, it was SO crooked! I had to go home and even it all out myself and when all was said and done 5 inches of my hair was gone. I wanted to cry. My comp bawled though and i dont blame her, i almost was in tears for her too because she had such long, thick pretty hair before. I fixed it as best as i could but a mullet is still a mullet. 

Something I love about brasil: Paderias... bakerys! seriously the bomb and i look forward to it ever monday. apparently im the only sister who isnt gaining weight down here... im determined to keep it that way. 
we also went shopping for the first time last monday and no my sisters, i didnt buy anything. however i found the CUTEST store here, sagan you would die it is called Hering and is like a mix of jcrew and anthro... i will definitely bring ya back a present :) 

Allysondra: so she has a problem with coffee but when we taught her about the Word of Wisdom she was bound and determined to stop. Yesterday when we asked her how she is doing with it she told us she had only had one cup of coffee that week. Want to know where she had that cup? The members that are fellowshipping her gave it to her in their house! Seriously people... they just dont get it. Her baptismal date got moved to the 29th though because she definitely needs more time. She is amazing but the support from her mom just isnt there yet. 

Something cool is when i got to the area, sisters had only been here for one transfer before so its so similar to Bushwick trying to open up this area. 
Another cool thing is last transfer Sis Faldmo (my best friend from the MTC) was in a trio with sis. cidraos old comp sis marinho and another sister who was really difficult. She told me if it wasnt for sis. marinho she would have died. originally though it was supposed to just be sis. faldmo and sis. difficult but last minute they decided to separate sis. marinho and my comp and put sis marinho with sis. faldmo... why? because i got my visa! 
its been so interesting to see the reasons why i got my visa but even more cool to see why i got my visa WHEN i did. I for sure was meant to go to Bushwick first and then come here when i did. 

So we taught Philipe (the Garrin twin) the Restoration and it was good, he actually talked during the lesson! But after I guess he told Andressa, his so called wife, the 19 year old that takes care of me, that he just doesnt like church :(

This week was interesting in our casa... for some reason we had lots of little friends come visit us. Okay thats a lie, not little friends... BIG friends! Seriously, one morning there were all these little green bugs everywhere! not okay! i really do not like bugs. and i speant the morning standing on a stool. surprisingly though, NY was worse i think. it helps that our casa is above a bunch of businesses so its harder for things to get in. 

the night the sister training leaders came we went home and i see a black furry thing on the ground and assumed it was a dead mouse because it wasnt moving. i went to pick it up and throw it out... nope not a mouse, a bat!  it was still alive but something was wrong with it because it would barely move. i tried to help it but im pretty sure it ended up dying.

Okay something interesting, last week the stake pres. came and talked about facebook, about the many dangers but also the way it can be used for good! It hit me hard because i know what missionaries are doing with facebook, and i knew i needed to do my part here more and i will start having people i meet add missionaries there. Okay probably only one missionary there who semi speaks portugues but you never know right?
well after i vowed to do this better. 
anyway, a lot of people here ask me about music because they love american music. I always tell them about sis. blosil. well yesterday we went to teach a recent convert and they had their laptop out with youtube up when we walked in and guess what they were watching? sister blosil singing! what made it even weirder was that it was a video of her singing in ny as a missionary and there were other missionaries there too that i saw... seriously freaked me out. technology is incredible. 

yesterday i spoke in church and all week i had decided i was going to speak about pride. so i was reading the talk by Ezra Taft Benson, Beware of Pride and at the beginning he says, may i commend you faithful saints who are striving to flood the earth and your lives with the book of mormon. i had never noticed that before. why was i so intrigued by this? because he has another talk called, flooding the earth with the book of mormon. that was the talk that basically inspired the whole BOM movement when i was in Bushwick. president. benson used the same words when talking about pride too. then it hit me. i dont need to talk about pride, i need to talk about the BOM because it is literally the answer to ALL problems!

not much more to report... okay there is just no time... love you all!

pics: making donuts with some recent converts
tending to the sick... the bat!

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