Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Cookies, not Cooks

Okay well I am now being forced to write letters because I now only have 45 minutes to email... not cool. Oh wells.

So CONGRATS to Nachy... wow feels like just yesterday we were going to Truck Stop after math class to get recees pieces and chicken strips and then going back to the college to do the homework and hiding our food from people haha good times. Weird, I was in 8th grade... I feel so old!

Im with Cheyna... I think Denalli should shave his head and him and Brew can take a twin pic.

Grams I got your letter! It made my day to hear that the Jazz are doing good... seriously Hayward is a boss... I have been pumped on him since they first got him. I hope your leg is doing better as well!

Also someone tell Gramps good luck with the surgery... im jealous i seriously love surgeries... morphine is the greatest.

An elder here was re-assigned and served with Dayton, I asked him if he actually talk and when he said yes you can imagine my surprise. I think the most I ever heard him talk was when he got mad at me and cortney for putting his pic up in NAPA for employee of the month. I just literally LOLed remembering, I did some funny stuff in high school but that was one of my bests :)

Ays wants to know if I go shopping here... nope I wont until Im closer to going home so I dont have to pack it all around. There is definitely some cute style here though. There is a guy here who makes the CUTEST boots for 100 reals which is like 45 dollars more or less that I will be getting. Seriously, custom made boots with real leather... such a steal. Other than that the clothes are all from the US from like the 90s. People are rockin hollister.

Cookies are still a gold mine here but people refuse to call them cookies, they call them cooks and it drives me nuts... whatever.

Do you all want to hear some good jokes?
Dad: there will be lots of people who speak English... FALSE, I have yet to meet one.
Stetler: Oh people like sisters more than elders... FALSE, they like that elders have the Priesthood and think we are worthless. Some people in the ward wont even feed us, only elders.
Every person who has served in Brasil: You will LOVE Guarana... yeah they failed to mention it tastes like COUGH SYRUP! But they drink it all the time, its so awful.

2 things I dont think I will ever get used to, Guarana and all the hugging and kissing on the cheeks... NOT OKAY, I HATE people touching me, seriously I cringe every time.

Okay funny thing: So last monday we went and taught a less active and where she lives its not well lit and the roads are dirt. Well its raining, so its cold and everything is muddy and the roads are rivers. Well as we were going home we couldnt see a thing and just kept tripping in all the mud... it was fabulous.

The language is still bad but obviously it gets better with time. Constantly when missionaries compare me to other missionaries I say, ITS HARD FOR SOME PEOPLE! (My sisters better be dying of laughter right now). Seriously a Friends quote turns any day right around. No its definitely carma though for all the years I was so impatient with people for not knowing whats going on and not learning things faster and now thats me.

I got a new DL, hes American so now in our branch we have three americans and then my comp the only Brasilian. Hes good, hes like Garrin though and doesnt know how to talk haha.

Oh this week we were also told that we can only listen to hymns or mormon tabernacle choir, (this is directed towards the siblings because i know the parents dont know whats going on with technology) so if any of you have some free time (which i dont really expect because you all are busy with school, moving, kids or jobs) but if you do then if someone wants to make me some CDs with some sweet songs that would be much appreciated. Also, if someone wanted to send me a DVD with the mormon messages in Portugues that would also be more greatly appreciated... people love to talk here and the only way to shut them up is with some type of filme.

Mom, if you could send me a portugues personal progress that would be great, I work a lot with the mocas here. also pics of my baptism would be fabulous. Maybe one with me and Logan in white and one with me and dad since he confirmed me. I dont even know if we have pics like this.. i honestly dont remember much from my baptism except aysia telling me if i sin after i am baptized bad things will happen hahaha.

Okay after that long list of demands here is more of my week... we had the most people at sacrament meeting since ive been here, a whopping 65!

Remember the dad I told you about last week that came to church and I was so excited about? Well he came because he had stopped smoking. I found out this week he started again and he didnt come :( So sad because his fam is the bomb. Honestly, his wife is a saint.

Their daughter Andressa totally takes care of me. She constantly feeds us at her house, goes to lessons and fellowships everyone and has the cutest little boy. Well I found out this week she is only 19... what?! Seriously my mouth dropped to the floor. Well, her husband isnt a bmember and we had a family night with them and he agreed to be taught... im so stoked. They remind me so much of Cheyna and Garrin. She bosses him around and He is just quite and nods and their son is hilarious and 2 years old so they remind me a ton of them.

We are teaching a girl named Allysondra and she is so sweet. She turned 15 this week and we went to her party. She is going to be baptized on the 22nd!! WAHOO! She has read everything we have given her and jsut loves Joseph Smith, its epic.

The work is semi better with my comp. She punched a wall this week ;) one minute she is crying, the next shes yelling and the next she is laughing. Shes bi-polar. Well not really but i think so sometimes. I dont know how to deal with emotions. When she is crying i feel like the most awkward person ever and dont know what to do. I usually just go into the kitchen and make her some cookies and call it good.

Okay so last few things because I have like no time anymore. send mail to my address here, not the mission office. it takes me like a month to get those, i get the letters here normally in 2 and a half weeks. Also, if you send packages write on it, missionary supplies because then i dont have to pay an arm and a leg to pick it up.

Okay the work is real... we had a lesson with Fran about tithing and it was cool to finally be able to speak enough portugues to really share my testimony and tell her how a few weeks ago my parents and i were fasting for something and then find out a few weeks later about the thing we were fasting for (yeah super vague but i have to be ha sorry) we are going to fast with her for her husband to agree to be legally married. the spirit was in that lesson so strong and it was so cool.

seriously, ive never been so grateful for prayer in my life. my comp doesnt talk to me much and is usually mad at me so i spend most of my days praying and i wouldnt survive without it. its real and its powerful and God wants to bless us we just have to ask!

I hope you all have a good week! Amo voces!

PS Sagan... on a daily basis I say, AH stupid metric system... seriously I feel like Rachel and dont know whats going on with it.

PSS the pic of the parade of carnival shows the macumbas... this crazy african religoin that is sketch up the yin!

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